Kit de bombillas para faros LED H13

Jeep | TJ Wrangler | Interior y exterior (LED Bombillas (Universal))

Referencia substituye #: RT28056

Posición: Izquierda, derecha
With halogen lamp conversion
Installs in place of OEM headlamp bulbs, copper weave cloth heat sink eliminates failure-prone fan, each lamp includes 4 cree LED's that produce 1,500 lumens, 6500K color, 360 degree light output, each lamp rated at 16.8 watts / 1.4 amps draw at 12 volts, 50 000 hour LED bulb life, IP68 IP65 rated for shock protection

Fabricante: RT Off-Road
Peso: 0.63 kg
Medida embalaje: 203 x 51 x 229 mm
Garantía: 24 meses

J115238, 270H13

disponible: No
149,00 € IVA incl.