Kit de discos de freno perforados delanteros 99/04

Jeep | WJ/WG Grand Cherokee | Reforzadas y alto rendimiento (Frenos)

Referencia substituye #: RT31032

Incluye: 2 x discos de freno
Posición: izquierda, derecho, delantero
With Akebono or Teves calipers
The cross drilled holes and machined slots provide maximum cooling to the brake pad and rotor surfaces which helps to eliminate brake fade
Improved heat dissipation decreases the chances of rotor warping
They are designed to rapidly expel friction gases, debris and water for greater braking response and performance
A sporty look is an added bonus to these hard working rotors

Fabricante: RT Off-Road
Peso: 15.88 kg
Medida embalaje: 318 x 140 x 318 mm
Garantía: 24 meses


disponible: No
366,00 € IVA incl.



Marca Modelo Adecuado Motor
Jeep WJ/WG Grand Cherokee 2002/2004 2.7 L Mercedes-Benz
Jeep WJ/WG Grand Cherokee 1999/2001 3.1 L VM Motori 531 OHV
Jeep WJ/WG Grand Cherokee 1999/2004 4.0 L PowerTech
Jeep WJ/WG Grand Cherokee 2002/2004 4.7 L H.O. PowerTech V8
Jeep WJ/WG Grand Cherokee 1999/2004 4.7 L PowerTech V8